What do I get from Concierge Solutions MD?

Concierge Solutions MD is the concierge of medical concierge practices, providing a full suite of solutions tailored to the needs of new and transforming medical practices. We offer unmatched business resources to include an in-depth practice analysis, membership billing, integrated marketing, and white glove service for concierge practices. We provide custom and out-of-the-box solutions that enable:

  1. Improved Service to Patients
  2. Increase Your Profit Margins
  3. Preserve Your Independence
How do I know a concierge practice is right for me?

Given the increasing overhead costs and decreasing reimbursement rates, many physicians ranging from primary care to orthopedic surgeons have decided to migrate their practices to concierge models which are also known as VIP, boutique or subscription medicine. There are several factors that need to be considered when determining if a concierge model will work for you practice and an analysis of your patient panel in addition to practice type, location, marketing strategy and percentage of medicare/insurance covered services. Concierge Solutions MD provides a free analysis of your current practice or will provide a business plan for a new practice that can match your practice to an appropriate model. Begin with taking our free analysis Click Here 

What are some of the different concierge models?

We do not believe concierge medical practices is a “one size fits all”. There are a numbers of variables that help us guide you in determining the best fit for you and your patients. The three most common types of concierge models is subscription based, cash-based or a hybrid of both. In a subscription model, patients pay a monthly/yearly fee for enhanced service levels and physicians may accept medicare/insurance for procedures. In a cash-based model, all services are cash based and the patients can choose to self-file medicare/insurance. A hybrid model, enables physicians to have a dual practice the includes both.

We are selective, we are tailored and we are your partner.

We are committed to making your concierge practice  a complete success. We does not own  your medical practice; we partner with you to provide a formal strategy and guidance to design a concierge practice that will reduce your time and overhead expenses. Our plans are tailored to the needs of your practice, and we will work with you each step of the way.