We offer a range of services to assist physicians to start or transition to a subscription based medical practice. Our patient portal provides efficiencies to managing patients and payments. We offer a wide variety of services to assist with marketing and maintenance available bundled or custom selected. If you are in need of a service not listed please contact us.

Concierge Management Portal

The patient portal includes automated scheduling, patient reminders, billing, form management and patient facing portal. It can function as a stand-alone solution or integrated into your existing website. If you are charging patients a monthly subscription for your services we can manage your billing without the need for an EHR and our monthly fee for the management portal can be billed directly to the patient as part of their subscription fees. 

$10 per patient/month

Bundled Services

We believe strongly that good communication is the key to providing you with an experience and meeting all of your expectations. Each bundle is designed to provide physicians with a turnkey solution for establishing or transitioning to a concierge practice without the need for adding office staff. We ensure that we our solutions are scalable, adhere to all HIPAA regulations and all intellectual property is owned by you. We are happy to continue with you as your grow your practice but also believe in building in sustainability if you prefer to leverage your own employees.


Bundle Includes:
– LLC Filing
– EIN Registration
– Domain Name
– Website Design
– Portal Integration
– Fax/Phone Setup
– Automated Attendant
– Digital Forms Setup

One time fee

Bundle Includes:
– SEO Positioning
– Social Media Setup
– Social Media Boosts
– Monthly Seminar Setup
– Print Ad design
– Business Card Design
– Brochure Design
– Logo Design

One time fee

Bundle Includes:
– Social Media Monitoring
– Website Monitoring
– Seminar Scheduling
– Digital Drip Campaigns
– Print Reorders
– Inventory Management
– Form Updates
– Practice Offering Updates

Billed Annually

Custom and Individual Services

We offer a wide range of services and offer custom pricing for individual services listed in the bundles. Additionally, we offer custom solutions that are based on your practice needs which can range from securing a shared medical spaced to writing materials to be given to your current patients explaining the value of your concierge services. Allow us to meet with you and develop a custom scope of work . Contact us today for a free consultation.