Enjoy Your Practice Again

Concierge Solutions MD is committed to helping physicians get back to the basics and the reason they started practicing in the first place. Explore your options to establish a concierge practice or transition your traditional practice to a concierge-style model.

Physician Benefits
  • Have consistently more time with patients
  • Build even stronger relationships
  • Serve your patient’s medical needs
  • Develop personalized wellness plans
  • Enjoy reduced patient load averaging 20-30 minutes (more if needed) with your patients per visit
  • Improve earning potential and professional success
  • Gain more time to devote to your personal interests
  • Have an increased level of patient satisfaction
Patient Benefits
  • An annual, regardless of medical condition or necessity, medical examination or physical checkup (“Private Checkup”). 
  • Enhanced health guidance and electronic communication connection with physician regarding patient health information or data.
  • Assistance with using that data more effectively toward achieving health goals identified during the annual Private Checkup.

Also, as a result of the physician having a smaller patient panel, in addition to the Program Services, patients may experience:

  • Increased availability including, in some cases, doctor’s cell phone number and email address.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments. House calls are also available when necessary.
  • Minimal time in the waiting room. 
  • Appointments routinely start on time.
  • Patient healthcare support regarding diet, nutrition, and fitness goals that may not be covered by patient’s plan.
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